OK. So here’s the deal. I’m wondering what’s going on. I get angry and there’s nothing I can do about it. This blog is one small way of making my views known. Here’s just 2 examples of the insanity that seems to rule with those that have enough power to greatly influence our lives.

The British Petroleum CEO stated that “the overall environmental impact to be modest” in the Gulf. He also stated that “the Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume”.  Obviously he doesn’t know that this spill is putting out enough crude to be equivalent to an Exxon Valdez disaster every 4 days and this has been going on for weeks. BP informed the President that it may be August before it gets contained.

Meanwhile, thousands are out of work and tar balls are showing up in the Florida Keys. That means that the oil has now entered the loop current, which circulates in the Gulf and takes water south to the Florida Keys and the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream could eventually take the oil up Florida’s Atlantic coast. What closet has this CEO been in all his life?! He’s got to be the most ignorant and uneducated person walking this planet to say such a truly stupid thing. And he’s getting paid millions. Quite the deal!

I’m here to say that I’m in full agreement with these laws. To be here illegally totally negates all the work of those that have jumped the hoops and done the required work to become a naturalized citizen of this country. The ‘fence’ the Feds put up along the Arizona/Mexican border is still not completed, 7 years after they began construction at a cost of millions to US taxpayers. If they can’t finish a fence, just imagine what they can do with the new health care bill. I digress. Arizona has taken too much flack over this. If the feds would have followed their own laws, Arizona would not have the need to make their own. 

Janet Napalitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, has done nothing but bash the state for passing this law. When asked by McCain if she had read the new law she had to admit that she had not. Here’s this woman basing her opinions on what the media has said, not on what this law actually states. It’s only 10 pages long and she can’t take the time to read it, but she can get on TV and bash those that passed it. How arrogant is that!

Here’s another one that never read it: Attorney General Jordan. He’s been busy bashing Arizona as well, but hasn’t bothered to actually read the law he’s bashing. It’s not the 2,000 page health bill, it’s only 10 pages. More arrogance.

President Obama made a joke about it saying that you’d better watch out if you were going out for ice cream with your kids.  His arrogance and contempt is obvious.

The fact is that Phoenix has the #2 spot as the most kidnappings and abductions by the drug cartels.  These cartels are bringing their bloody violence to Arizona. Good people are being murdered on their own land by drug mules and there’s nothing to stop this. It’s not the jobs that are being taken by illegals so much as the murder and mayhem brought here by the cartels. It’s also the local hospitals and education systems that can no longer pay for the care and education of Mexico.

And Obama, Napalitano and Jordan chastise and make jokes about this. No doubt there’s more than those 3 that are doing the same, but these 3 need to held accountable for their arrogant choice of ignorance to those under their care that are being sabotaged.

That’s only 2 situations in the myriad of current situations that make me wonder at what we’re a part of. There’s so much going on that it’s hard to take it all in.

There is one thing that keeps me sane; knowing that God has a plan and it’s glorious and I’m a part of it.  What we’re seeing is all a part of what’s been prophesied to us from the Bible. He told us that this insanity would happen, that our earth would go through cataclysms and convulsions, and that people would grow cold and consider bad to be good and good to be bad.  If it wasn’t for the Lord in my life, there’s no doubt I’d be a druggie or a drunk or both. It’s all too fearful to take in without knowing God, His Son Jesus, and His Word. That’s the only solid, reliable choice we have.

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2010 – Exciting or Maddening

So here we are in the beginning of a gigantic whirlpool we can’t control. We have hit the slippery slope.

  • The economy is crashing worldwide.
  • The Gulf of Mexico is becoming a huge oil pit and the BP officials say it’s only a small amount in comparison with the size of the Gulf.
  • There are large earthquakes happening at an alarming rate.
  • The volcano in Iceland is going off and closing down most of Europe.
  • The jobless rate in the US is double-digit
  • The riots in Greece are only the beginning of what Europe is about to see.

This is only the beginning and all this has been prophesied in the Bible. Now is the time to stop and figure out what side you fall on all this. Are you going to join the side of the enemy and try to save your backside or are you going to follow the leading of the Lord Jesus in accordance with His Word, the Bible.

It’s up to you. It’s up to me too. What ever side you and I fall on, we need to decide where that is and stand…just stand.

I foresee a beautiful future and a soon-coming King.  I know we’re going to be doing a lot of cleaning up during our 1000-yr reign.

This is no time for the faint of heart.

Just a few thoughts…

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